My Services

No pressure. No judgement.

My goal is to help you sort and cut back on clutter, optimize your space, and then find a place for everything.

Let me help you live organized.

 I use packaged pricing to take some of the guesswork out of how many hours will it take. Also during the consultation, we'll schedule all the sessions so we'll both know when our first day begins. Are you wondering what happens after the initial consultation?

  • First, you'll receive a project plan highlighting the basic scope of work.  I may also give you some homework to get ready for our first session.

  • On our sessions, I will be both your cheerleader and coach. We will both go to work on sorting and cutting back on clutter. Keep in mind I will also dispose/donate all unwanted items for you.

  • Once everything is sorted and we've narrowed down what is to be kept, we'll pull the room back together; optimizing the space using what you already have or you can send me on a shopping spree.

  • Once we are the project is complete, I will check back in with you to make sure the room/space is going as planned.

Packaged Pricing

2 Sessions (6 Hours)     |  $300

4 Sessions (12 Hours)   |  $576

8 Sessions (24 Hours)   |  $1080

12 Sessions (36 Hours) |  $1440

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