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Meet Rebecca Ridenour

Professional Organizer

Throughout my 25-year career, I have worked in the Government industry as a database developer, financial analyst, project manager, and contracts manager.  Are you wondering what those jobs have in common?  Well, in order to be successful in any of these positions I had to be well organized.  One of the most important skills one can have in the office place is being able to quickly and efficiently pull together data and resources. 

Being completely organized is equally important in our home life.  I am a mom with my share of pets, and a husband who travels often for his job.  As a family we are pulled in many directions because of things like sports, errands, family and friends, and cars/home/personal appointments.  It’s life, right?  Keeping tabs of everything and feeling in control and prepared can be difficult if you’re not organized.

I created this company as a way to be able to do the two things I love, which includes helping people and developing/honing ideas for organizing in an eco-friendly way.  I don’t live in an ivory tower with everything hermetically sealed.  I still like what I call “organized chaos” in certain areas.  However, my ultimate goal is to live organized so I can feel in control and ready to face whatever life throws my way.  How can I help you Live Organized?


Why Organize?

Being organized is about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, and about improving your quality of life!

Control your Time

Control your time by having the right tools and resources at your fingertips.  Everything should have a place. It is an amazing feeling to find things where they should be.

Control your Stress Level

Control your stress level by being prepared for whatever life has to throw your way. From dinner prep to an emergency kit -- being ready is a significant stress reducer.


Control your Money

You should know what you have on hand; don't over buy products or clothes.  Know when payments are due. Get rid of the extra storage garage filled with unused/unneeded items. 

Be Focused

Be focused on what really matters to you.

Be Social

Be more social by inviting friends or family to your home. Time to be proud.

Be Healthy/Happy

Be healthy and happy by having the ability to cook or exercise or work on a hobby because you can.



“Rebecca came into my home and in under two hours completely changed the flow of my kitchen. Now things are within reach and the things I don't need as often are put away. The best part: we donated boxes of kitchen gadgets I didn't actually need and SHE took them to Goodwill! Worth every penny.”

- K. Terhune

Living Organized Starts Here

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Beavercreek Township, OH


Home Consulting Services

Everything in your home should have a function and purpose - and a place to belong. We’ll start with an initial consultation to discuss the project. I'll then provide an estimate and plan of action. If acceptable, we'll schedule and go to work.

Business Consulting Services

Just like your home, everything in your business should have a function and purpose.  I have worked for many small businesses throughout my career, and I understand how important it is to show an organized “front” to business. We’ll start with a discussion of the project.  I’ll then provide you an estimate and plan of action.  If acceptable, we’ll schedule and go to work.

Recurring Services

In life nothing stays the same. We can schedule a monthly, quarterly, or yearly discussion on what worked and what didn't. We can then schedule time to hone your plan.

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